Attractions You Need to Visit for a Pleasant Trip in Baltimore

09/13/2011 13:21

Baltimore is a famous tourist city that attracts tourists all over the world. That is why Baltimore is given the nickname of "Charm City". The massive tourist attractions in Baltimore are willing to greet every potential tourist. People of all types and ages will have a good time in Baltimore. Baltimore has an attraction for everyone.

Inner Harbor
Inner Harbor is an historical landmark of Baltimore, which is at the end of Patapsco River. It originally referred to a seaport, but today it refers to an area of Baltimore. Inner Harbor gradually developed into a cultural center of Baltimore in the 1970s. Inner Port is preferred by many tourists and photographers, which makes Inner Port one of the most visited areas in Baltimore. For tourists to Inner Harbor, you can't miss a view of Baltimore from the Observation Level of the World Trade Center. The waterfronts have many charming events held there, which deserve your attention.

Fell's Point
Fell's Point is a waterfront community located in Baltimore, Maryland, east of Inner Harbor. Fell's Point is a historic waterfront and a neighborhood of Maryland. Fell's Point features pubs and bars, which is also the home to dozens of retail shops, restaurants, theaters and music. Fell's Point owns the fame for theaters and movies. Sitting in a theater and having moreish food at popular restaurants at Fell's Point is only part of the exciting nightlife at Fell's Point. You can learn the real Fell's Point by paying a visit in person.


Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Oriole Park at Camden Yards is a Major League Baseball ballpark opened in 1962. It took the style of "retro-classic" in the design. There are ninety-minute tours available on weekday mornings when no games are held in the afternoon. The tours cover the dugout, press box and field. Generally speaking, it's very hard to get the tickets to O's games. But you can still get tickets for face value or less in a scalp-free zone at the stadium.